Futurescaper creates online tools for strategic conversation 

Crowdsource engagement from groups of people online, discover deeper insights, and make more informed decisions - faster, cheaper, and more effectively.

Thinking about the future is hard

You need to make sense of complex, uncertain, fast-moving information: How is your market changing? What do your stakeholders think about the important issues you face? And what should you do about it?

The traditional way to answer these questions is through surveys, workshops, or analyst teams. But these familiar approaches have problems of their own:

  • surveys provide hard data, but only to the questions you know how to ask
  • workshops build understanding and dialogue, but have limited reach and low participation
  • analyst teams are effective, but are difficult to coordinate at scale and hamstrung by siloed thinking.

Futurescaper makes it easier

Futurescaper’s online collaboration tools combine structured crowdsourcing with powerful analytics, leading to deeper engagement and accelerated understanding. Futurescaper is faster and cheaper than workshops, more insightful and interactive than surveys, and more effective and empowering for analysts working together.

You reap the benefits

Futurescaper is not only faster and cheaper; it also lets you engage more people for increased participation and buy-in across geographies, departments, and sectors. You will benefit from deeper insights and more useful findings - uncovering hidden drivers, exploring different opinions, and identifying who is thinking about what to accelerate your decision-making.

Discover not only what people think, but also why and so what?  

Who has the knowledge you need? Futurescaper lets you collect the stories, insights and analysis from the right people – from a few experts, to an entire consumer segment or economic sector. This lets you concentrate on the decisions you need to make, instead of worrying about the data necessary to make them.