Futurescaper client SAMI Consulting have been busy using our tools and publishing the results. If you are interested in horizon scanning, futures thinking, and scenario planning, be sure to take a look at their publications below.

Since the start of the year, SAMI have been using Futurescaper for a three-year Horizon Scanning project for Defra and its partners, titled “Strategic Evidence of Future Change”. They have already published the first two quarterly reports, which include extensive descriptions of SAMI's methodology for using Futurescaper. You can read the latest below:

SAMI Consulting also blog regularly on foresight, forecasting, and futures thinking. Most recently, Wendy Schultz (who is also a Futurescaper consulting partner) wrote about new tools for futures thinking, including the below review of Futurescaper:

Do you want to engage a large number of people online in crowdsourcing emerging change and its impacts? Futurescaper (futurescaper.com ) offers support both for survey-based crowdsourcing of emerging changes, and also of their impacts and interconnections. A Futurescaper survey asks online participants linked questions that the software then displays as influence maps and impact cascades. It can also be used as a scanning database, with similar graphic display capabilities.

SAMI Consulting have been some of our platform's most active users, putting it to novel uses and giving us plenty of ideas on where to develop Futurescaper's functionality for foresight applications. Keep an eye out to see what more they might do with Futurescaper in the years to come!