Towards the end of last year, we celebrated Futurescaper's fourth birthday. As our name goes, however, we're cursed to look to the future rather than the past - so the most significant milestone to celebrate is our upcoming release for Futurescaper 4 to the public this year.

Since the very first version of Futurescaper back in 2011, we've been striving to make the tool more powerful and easier to use. From its origins as an academic project, our software became an internal consulting aid in version 2, and then gradually shared with trained clients as version 3. In this latest version 4, we've come far enough in usability that we're starting to let people use it with Futurescaper providing technical support only. It's early days, but the results from our consulting partners have been promising so far - and we're really excited to make this happen.

Over 2016, we will continue to invest in developing Futurescaper and making it more accessible to more people. We want to get this right, so we will start with a small but gradually expanding beta test group. This beta group will get to use the tool before anyone else and with a substantial discount, as a recognition of their helping Futurescaper develop.

If you want to join the existing Futurescaper users who will be offered this opportunity over the coming months, let us know. We'll be delighted to have you join us.