The news about the UK referendum for Brexit are just settling, and as Futurescaper is a UK company, we wanted to communicate what this development might mean for our customers in the EU and elsewhere.

In summary, nothing is set to change just yet. Futurescaper is committed to our EU users and we will take all necessary steps to continue making good on that commitment in the future. If you have any concerns or questions, please let us know.

Despite much turbulence and uncertainty, no legal changes have happened. We are monitoring developments and, should there be any legal changes, we have plans in place to establish EU operations outside the UK within days.

Futurescaper is a global company and unlikely to be affected directly in that event:

  • we have users in over 20 countries around the world
  • over the past year, two thirds of our business came from outside the EU, and only 23% from the UK
  • I am an EU citizen myself, and not the only one in Futurescaper
  • our extended team is based in 5 countries, working remotely by default, and representing twice as many nationalities.

Whatever course the UK takes, our global outlook will not change - and that includes continuing to face towards Europe.

We have great plans for the coming years, and are counting on a sustained EU presence - for example, Futurescaper's upcoming public release is currently being tested with €, $ and £. This may well be a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous future; but we'll be on your side to help you navigate it.

Ad astra per aspera.

PS. If your stakeholders are wondering about the strategic implications of Brexit, let's talk - we'd love to bring our tools to such a relevant problem :)